Hobart v. Marie Claire Takes to the Air

SW's resident cock-slayin' vixen, Erika Hobart, will be appearing on KIRO-97.3 FM at 10:30 this morning to continue her vendetta against Marie Claire's criteria for ranking Seattle the top city for single ladies in the country. She'll be on Dave Ross' show, but Luke Burbank of TBTL -- the station's nighttime variety show where Hobart is a frequent guest -- will be filling in. Whoever's working the board had better keep their finger close to the mute button, as the Hobart v. Marie Claire war of words has reached profane levels. Listen live online here.

In other friends-of-SW radio news, former SeaTimes NBA reporter Glenn Nelson was on NPR's "All Things Considered" yesterday, talking about his juggernaut girls' basketball website, which joined ESPN's network not too long ago.

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