Fuck You, Marie Claire

I was informed by a friend via Facebook about 30 minutes ago (thank you, Shayna) that I'd been mentioned in Monica Guzman's blog post about Seattle being named the no. 1 city to meet guys. I called bullshit on the findings.

Well, Guzman apparently talked to Marie Claire editor Lea Goldman, who stated, "I feel bad for the blogger. I almost want to hook her up with some of the fellas we met in Seattle."

Oh really? Has anybody really looked at the way the folks at Marie Claire went about collecting their data to determine what cities were best for dating? They looked at the number of Starbucks, time of last call, and mass transit accessibility in the city. Sure, Goldman. Please--I'm dying for you to hook me up with a guy who spends his hard-earned money on $4 lattes, boozing 'til he get cut off, and then rides his bicycle home. Thanks, but no thanks. Your survey sucks!

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