Fred Jarrett Takes Curious Stance in Favor of Bumper-to-Bumper Traffic

So, flagging King County Exec candidate Fred Jarrett just came out and said he'd stall expansion of the recently-created King County Ferry District to save money. Quoth the onetime Republican legislator from Mercer Island: "Launching a new county bureaucracy, with Metro's high cost model, to operate a ferry system at the same time the region's bus system is facing severe fiscal strain and service cutbacks makes no sense. There needs to be an honest evaluation of the cost effectiveness and performance metrics for all proposed ferry segments against alternative bus service and existing ferry service before committing limited resources to this venture."

Coincidentally, I rode the water taxi into work today. I also rode it home yesterday after work, and I'll take it back to West Seattle after the Mariner game tonight. I adore the thing, to the point where I've handed the Ferry District ideas for improving the cruise, free of charge.

"The King County Water Taxi is constantly setting new ridership records on the West Seattle-to-downtown run, so there is clearly a strong demand for alternatives to getting stuck in traffic," says Jarrett's rival exec candidate Dow Constantine, a King County Councilman and West Seattleite who chairs the Ferry District. "Defunding passenger ferries won't help the County's budget situation because the Legislature set up county ferry districts so that the money they collect cannot be used for any other purpose. State Sen. Fred Jarrett should know this--he voted for all three major pieces of state legislation authorizing the creation of the King County Ferry District."

Puget Sound requires no carpool or bus lanes. You know why? Because there's no damn traffic, which is precisely why reestablishing a full-on mosquito fleet that extends far beyond Alki's shores is simply the shrewdest public transportation option out there today. And yet, Jarrett wants to drop anchor.

Put another way, if you were a bachelor-on-the-make in Cabo, and Megan Fox came up and said, "Fuck me now, repeatedly, or as many days as you want, no strings attached," what would your response be? Jarrett just proved that he'd turn the Fox down.

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