Didn't 'Pulp Fiction' Teach Us Anything? Man Accidentally Shoots Self While Handling Gun in Moving Car

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Bad idea
Dr. Dre may "roll with [his] shit off safety" but that's probably not the best practice for the rest of us, or at least those among the rest of us who insist on rolling with our shit. We're better served by drawing our gun-in-car lessons from Pulp Fiction, wherein, you'll recall, a bump in the road led to the discharge of a casually handled pistol, and a subsequent spray of red and gray matter all over the back window (clip may be NSFW).

Enter yesterday's situation on I-5, near Federal Way, when a man riding "shotgun" showed off his firearm to the driver, only to discharge it into his own leg. The driver pulled over to the side and the passenger got medical attention for thankfully non-life-threatening injuries. Somewhere, Dre and the ghost of Vince Vega shook their heads.

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