DC Through the Back Door: Mr. Steves Goes to Washington?

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He's the dopest travel host in the world, a purveyor of fine TV shows, guidebooks, travel bags, and money belts. He's also a stalwart advocate for saner marijuana policies, a regular speaker at Hempfest and the host of an award-winning ACLU infomercial on marijuana policy. And now, says Horse's Ass, he may want to be a U.S. Representative. The rumor is that, when Jay Inslee runs for governor in 2012, as many suspect he will and as he's said he might, Steves will run for Inslee's seat. Steves is even scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Snohomish County Dems fundraiser in September. It may seem far-fetched, but there's nothing crazy about sane drug policy, and the House has proven that it doesn't have a problem with crazy. (Or maybe we should say it does.)

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