Day Two on the Rails: Yes, You Can Get Caught

light rail day2 011.jpg
Meet Cornell Griffin. The Sound Transit fare enforcement officer was on a light rail train this morning, checking for tickets, passes and Orca cards. He says such enforcement officers will be on "every train, every day." If you have an Orca card, on which you load up a certain amount of money, you can't just flash it at such officers. They'll be carrying meters that will determine whether you've actually deducted money from the card by tapping it against one of the special machines that are placed at each station. Today, Griffin was all smiles; he and his fellow officers were just walking the trains to give riders an idea of what they'll expect. Next week, the fines kick in and they're not pretty: $124 for any light rail hobo. Beware: Unlike the bus system, there is no "ride free zone" downtown.

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