Can We Vote for All Four of Them?

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The last time they met, the 45th District Democrats--Eastsiders whose state house rep wants to end the drug war--couldn't settle on who to endorse in the King County Executive race. The endorsement committee recommended Dow Constantine, but there weren't enough votes to settle on one candidate, so the group didn't issue an endorsement.

But, reports 45th District member Andrew Villanueve, they reconvened and reconsidered. The result? A quad endorsement. The 45th District Dems are endorsing every candidate who asked for their endorsement: Dow Constantine, Larry Phillips, Fred Jarrett, and Ross Hunter. (I.e. anybody but Hutchison, and apologies to the obscure candidates.) I snagged the little "micro-flyer" at left from Villanueve's blog post--feel free to print it up and take it with you to the booth (or wherever you fill out your write-in) if you need help deciding. One thing, though--isn't a flyer that says "VOTE for FOUR tonight" just inviting invalidated ballots?

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