Blanchet Grad Kajlich Calls It Quits With Soccer Star Donovan

Bishop Blanchet High School grad/Hollywood hottie Bianca Kajlich is calling it quits with her soccer star husband, Landon Donovan, reports America's most trusted news authority, People. My heart goes out to Kajlich, who stars in the NBC sitcom "Rules of Engagement" with David Spade, and honed her small-screen chops alongside Dan Cortese in USA's "Rock Me Baby." When she lived in Seattle, Kajlich dated Willis/Actual Tigers (full disclosure: these are the names of my brother Tim's former bands) keyboardist John Low, and I remember her as a very talented young lady whose path to stardom began as a freshman, trading barbs with seniors like me in Blanchet's legendary introductory drama class. Let's hope Kajlich finds new love soon, or at least a sultry fling to take her mind off things. Any volunteers, gentlemen?

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