Bad News For Your Weekend: Anti-Gay Petitions Showing Record Validity Rate

This is what we did with our petition
They're like the Bad News Bears, except they're not lovable and they don't like bears. And they're trying to take away people's rights. Actually, they're just bad news.

The sad news is, so far, they know how to sign petitions. The Secretary of State's first day of counting signatures on petitions for Referendum 71, the measure that would block this year's domestic partnership law from going into effect, showed an error rate of just 11.34%--which, if it maintains for the rest of the petitions, would be the lowest in history and put the petition a couple-thousand signatures over what it needs to get on the ballot. Personally, I prefer to think they had a lucky first day, and there's a little date with Mr. Mean, (first name: Reversion To The)* scheduled for Monday. If not, they'll find it tough going in November. But for the time being, it's just a piece of shitty news for the weekend.

Meanwhile, despite this week's injunction against the release of the signees' names, former state legislator (and forever drug policy reformer) Toby Nixon made a public records request for that list of names, on behalf of the Washington Coalition for Open Government, of which he is president.

* This excellent dorky joke was stolen from someone, but a web search won't tell me who.

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