And We Didn't Even Have to Give Up the Moose: Jarrod Washburn Shipped to Detroit

In what sounds like a pretty sweet deal, the Mariners sold high on Jarrod Washburn, who's pitching better this year than he ever has--or likely ever will again. (Derek Zumsteg at USS Mariner was so eager to unload Washburn he offered to throw in the Mariner Moose.) The M's shipped Washburn to the Detroit Tigers for left-handed starting pitchers Luke French and Mauricio Robles. French is only 23 years old but has already started seven games in the bigs this year, where he'sdone fairly well, or about as well as you'd expect Washburn to do. He also pitched really well at AAA. And he costs way less than Washburn. Robles, meanwhile, is only 20-years-old and, has been dominating A ball, and already has one Detroit sportswriter regretting the trade. Another master stroke by Jack Z., and one that goes a way toward assuaging some fans' worries that this week's trade for Jack Wilson depleted the team's young pitching stock.

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