A 0-0 Match, But Still Plenty Offensive


Saturday's Sounders match with the Chicago Fire--a 0-0 tie--was an exercise in frustration, as the Sounders missed many scoring opportunities early and Fire star Cuahtemoc Blanco flopped more than a recently-caught fish. As if his flopping alone weren't offensive enough, the referees were rewarding him with whistles. As if that weren't offensive enough, Blanco apparently had an amiable chat with ref Baldomero Toledo at halftime. As if that weren't offensive enough, Toledo then ejected Freddie Ljungberg for flopping and arguing, even though the former was arguable and the latter typical.

And, finally, as if that weren't offensive enough, Chicago Fire fans finished the game by waving a sign in the direction of Sounders goal keeper Kasey Keller that read, "Keller, Do the Cobain." If there's a pale, that's certainly beyond it. On the bright side, though, this is the stuff of which rivalries are made. The next match against the Fire (either next year or in the playoffs) should be a good one.

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