7-Foot Tall Spencer Hawes Not Too Big to Say He's Sorry

Unlike Spencer Hawes, Spencer Pratt isn't apologizing to anyone.
Remember how former Seattle Prep and UW hoop star Spencer Hawes was too busy/injured/cool for NBA Summer League? Well, the league's over now, but Hawes says he's sorry for ducking it, even though 3rd-year players almost never play in it unless they're at risk of getting run out of the league--like former Gonzaga star Adam Morrison--or are just plain crazy, like former UW star Nate Robinson.

The problem, Hawes says, is that, unlike Ma Bell, he lacks the ill communication. "The biggest thing was poor communication on my end. I couldn't be there for the first few days because of another commitment, but I planned on coming after that. Then when it all blew up, I just would have been a distraction." Because, man, did that story blow up. It was like, MJ who? Did you hear about Spencer Hawes?!

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