Your Plans to Spend the Summer Ogling James McAvoy May Need to Be Put on Hold

That's because the new movie that was scheduled to be shot here, The Details, which had just gotten underway a few weeks ago, has abruptly shut down.

"They've run into some challenges," says Amy Lillard Dee, head of WashingtonFilmWorks, which provides financial incentives to movie-makers who agree to work in the state. This year, the state legislature increased those tax benefits, a move that Dee had credited with bringing The Details to Seattle.

The movie was to star Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney, and James McAvoy (seen below; we're told he's really good-looking).

Dee says the producers are "still fighting to get the movie made." Hmmm, fight on, say some of the staff of SW.


UPDATE: The film's executive producer, Jennifer Roth, sent me this statement: "The production of THE DETAILS is currently on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. We look forward to resuming business in Seattle shortly as this community is the perfect home for the movie."

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