Yesterday's Artopia--Like Art and Utopia, Combined!!

A Hat 'n Boots-size hat tip to the organizers and curators of yesterday's Artopia event in Georgetown--including Seattle Weekly's killer marketing crew. The neighborhood was jammed and the weather couldn't have been better. I spent a good while in the shade of the Wood Shop, where Tomiko Jones' installation was keeping people mesmerized and Joseph Songco's photos provoked a lot of comment. John Wilmot's giant photos of the neighborhood were also a highlight for me. In that crazy old warehouse, somehow people seemed more engaged than at the average antiseptic gallery walk.

Out in the sun, Titanium Sporkestra was playing on street corners throughout the afternoon (in addition to their evening show) and were just as fun as Sara had promised. And Chris McMullen's Krane with a K was doing its job in the Ice Hot Lot of getting perfect strangers to team up.

That's just some of the stuff I saw. (Look for a slideshow here later.) My only thought: How big does this event have to get before we can shut down Airport Way to car traffic? That would take things over the top. Maybe we can just commandeer the lanes next year, call it an "intervention," give the act a title, and secure 4Culture funding?

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