The Kingdome Returns to Safeco Field

Sadly missing: celebratory cannon blasts
Yesterday's Mariners game was a blast from the past. Normally a power-hungry team--i.e. a team that doesn't have any power, and could really use it--the M's scored three of their four runs on dingers, beating the Twins 4-2.

Jose Lopez--who admitted the other day to trying to crank one out--got his 6th. (Despite his woeful plate performance thus far, he's still on track for respectable HR and RBI totals (17 and 90 with a 377 slugging percentage would be something else). Russell Branyan continued his improbable hot stretch with his 13th. He now ranks 2nd in the AL in OPS! Russell Branyan! And, in his first game up from Tacoma, Jamie Burke knocked one out as well. In the 90s, it was Griffey, Martinez, Buhner--or, rather, Rodriguez, Griffey, Martinez, Buhner, Blowers. Today we have a new murderer's row, though sadly no celebratory cannon.

Erik Bedard picked up the win despite throwing roughly 700 pitches in five innings, walking four. He and Twins pitcher Kevin Slowey set the tone early--this game would be long and drawn out, with lots of walks. It was like a caricature of the Oakland A's model that made Billy Beane famous. The game's final time was 3:32, longer than any game yesterday save one that went fourteen innings and one that went eighteen. While it was nice to see the M's get the win, for the sake of those who watch them, I kinda hope that they and the Twins return to their impatient, slap-hitting ways.

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