Sheriff Rahr On List of Electeds Getting a Free Ride

Even if you think your electeds are doing a good job, they should still have to earn another term.
It's been a volatile tenure for King County Sheriff Sue Rahr . She was appointed to replace Dave Reichert when he left for Congress in 2005. That same year, the PI ran it's Conduct Unbecoming series, exposing problem (and in some cases criminal) deputies on the county payroll. Rahr says she's hamstrung by the rules of the union contracts when it comes to disciplining deputies--contracts negotiated by former Executive Ron Sims. They've laid the blame for problematic officers on each other, leading to some bad blood.

Then there were the deep cuts to the department last year, which didn't go down well at all in the rural areas. And more cuts are projected over the next couple of years as the county's money woes aren't expected to turn around any time soon.

And this year there have been two video-taped incidents involving deputies getting aggressive to the point of causing injury.

You can debate exactly how responsible Rahr is for all this, but she's still the person at the top and accountability is something you accept when you go into elected public service. One of the things I like about elections is that they force us to talk about what our elected officials should be doing and the standards for the departments and governments they run. If Rahr deserves to stay in office, she should have to explain why.

But as of now, Rahr's only opposition is a vet named Jeffrey Bogdan. Bogdan didn't resond to a message left last week, but he says in filing papers that he doesn't plan to raise or spend more than $5,000 on his campaign. He also doesn't have a traditional law enforcement background. Noble as his quest might be, that all pretty much makes him a non-starter. With so many issues on the table, this is one race I would like to see be a vigorous and healthy debate over everything from police conduct to union contracts to how we should be protecting the rural areas. The filing deadline is Friday.

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