Send a Seattle Delegation to North Korea--and Other Norman Sigler Ideas

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While other candidates sometimes fail to go beyond general platitudes on good management, good snowplowing, or various other goods, matchmaker and former corporate executive Norman Sigler hasn't been shy with his proposals. For example, he suggests pooling multiple agencies from multiple municipalities to have more negotiating power with health insurance providers.

Today, Seattle PostGlobe details some more of Sigler's bold ideas. Sigler notes that Seattle would be threatened by a North Korea nuke, and thus suggests sending a delegation there, repeatedly, to "engage, engage, engage." He also likes the idea of city-subsidized communal housing for musicians and artists. And on a Friday evening every other month, he'd send city employees door-to-door to chat up the people they work for.

The article notes that that Sigler's still struggling to raise funds. If only he could get a penny or two for this thoughts.

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