Seeds of ESPN-KJR Rivalry Sown by Jim Moore?

Yesterday, several members of the local media took their turns striking out against ace UW fastpitch hurler Danielle Lawrie. Among them were KJR-950's mid-day host, Dave "Softy" Mahler (pictured here with Lawrie), and P-I columnist Jim Moore.

Like Jerry Brewer of the Times, Moore wrote a column about the experience. It's entertaining yet predictable (male sportswriters getting their asses handed to them by female athletes is a musty conceit, to put it mildly), except for this snippet: "Mahler apparently foul tipped one ball during his at-bat, but mostly embarrassed himself. In other words, his plate appearance was a lot like his show."

Moore, it's worth noting, is a regular guest on the Kevin Calabro Show over at KJR's new sportsradio rival, ESPN-710. Hopefully Softy will return fire, as a rivalry isn't really a rivalry until the mud's been slung.

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