Sounders, MLS Climb the Ladder: Taylor Graham to Appear on The Price Is Right

No doubt, the Sounders' inaugural MLS season has been a success--tickets are in high demand (the team's even increased the supply) and there's no shortage of blue-and-green Sounders scarves, flags, and jerseys flapping about Seattle streets. But MLS is still a long haul from the big time; many of its stars would have little trouble walking the streets unmolested. (Though Freddie Ljungberg might encounter some trouble from Erika Hobart.)

Nevertheless, the Sounders--and MLS as a whole--take a big step up tomorrow morning. At 10 AM on CBS, Sounders defender Taylor Graham will appear on the Price is Right. The show, incidentally, is hosted by the man who signs Graham's paychecks: team owner Drew Carey. If The Price Is Right isn't all the way to the big time, how will we know when American soccer has reached it? I say it's when we start seeing these dudes on Cribs. Update: I guess the league has arrived; Landon Donovan--who became a national darling in the '02 World Cup--was on the show in February of '07.

Finally, congrats to I Speak Soccer director Terry Kegel--his movie won the Audience Award (or Stiffy) at Seattle's True Independent Film Festival this year.

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