NYT Lauds Seattle E-Waste Efforts

Americans are scrapping their pre-digital TV sets in astonishing numbers, and Seattle is at the vanguard of the e-waste movement. As The New York Times reports, local companies like tech salvage shop RE-PC and commercial recycling operation Total Reclaim are doing booming business. We reported on the phenomenon a little over a year ago, when the FCC deadline for digital TV conversion was looming. (It was then pushed back to June of this year.) And, recession or no, people are still upgrading computers and swapping in flat-screen monitors, meaning that companies like local non-profit InterConnection can assemble new-used PCs from our castoffs for Third World export.

Wondering where to lawfully dump your old Sony tube TV or HP monitor for free? Visit the King County site that lists members of the Take It Back network of e-cyclers.

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