Not Keeping Up With the Joneses

Remember how before last season, the Mariners traded Adam Jones, George Sherrill, a hot prospect named Chris Tillman, and the rights to all future Bavasi children to the Baltimore Orioles for Erik Bedard? The trade sucked at the time and continued to suck through last season, as Ichiro rightly noted in the imaginary Mariner Player Hater of the Year speech. And even though Bedard's having a great season, the trade's continued suckage was brought home, literally, last night in the M's game vs. the Orioles. Final score: Adam Jones 1, Mariners 0.

Jones, you see, scored the game's only run, and had half as many hits (1) as the entire Mariner team. The following comparisons are a little unfair, as some of the numbers are influenced by teammates being on base or batting him in, but if Jones were on the M's right now, he'd have the team's highest slugging percentage (.608), on-base percentage (.400), most RBI (36), most runs (41), most doubles (14), and would be tied with several Mariners for most triples (1) and with Russell Branyan for the most home runs (11). At age 23, he'd also be the team's youngest starting position player.

Oh, and for good measure, Sherrill got the save last night--his eleventh of the season--with yet another scoreless inning.

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