Nickelsville Returns to Nickelsville

You may recall a little thing called Nickelsville, an attempt to create a city of homeless folks, a modern-day Hooverville that would call attention to Seattle's lack of homeless housing and the perceived inaction of, among others, the Mayor after whom it was named. (Read Aimee Curl's terrific profile of the project's lead-up.) Sadly, Nickelsville didn't stick--it's been bouncing about like a tumbleweed since its launch last September, though one piece of good news--just in time for the election--is that the tin men got hearts and won't prosecute its residents for being homeless and such.

Well, Nickelsville has returned to Seattle; the encampment is now on WSDOT property in South Park. Personally, I still think they'd be best-served setting up in South Lake Union, where they can juxtapose their situation with the city's proposed $200 million Mercer project and the lightly traveled SLUT.

For excellent video coverage of Nickelsville's initial set-up and subsequent eviction, go to Laura Onstot's YouTube page.

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