Nickels Donates to Himself - Twice

Whether it's confidence or concern, Greg Nickels has contributed to his current re-election campaign, something he didn't do in 2005. He donated the maximum $700 this month - in fact, according to filing reports, he gave the money twice, which would be a campaign violation. Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission listings currently have him down for $700 each on reports filed June 15 and 21.

However, it appears the same report was filed and then refiled a week later - with one change: to technically re-categorize the mayor's self-donation as a "Source of Miscellaneous Income" rather than from a "Contributor." But the city's database hasn't yet caught up with the duplicate-record change, and a donor search shows he gave himself $1,400 this month.

Either way, Nickels donated to his campaign, something he didn't do the last time out. Not that he needed it then or now. His personal wealth tops a million, on paper at least, and Nickels became City Hall's first million-dollar-campaigner as well after raising more than a half-million in both his 2005 and 2001 runs. He took in a mere $100,000 when he stumbled through his first - and only losing - mayoral campaign in 1997. He called it a learning experience, and he learned well: his current run may be his fund-raising pinnacle, already topping $400,000.

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