New Reversal in Alaska Corruptions Cases

Yet two more Alaskan corruption convictions, like that of ex-Sen. Ted Stevens, may be overturned due to Justice Department wrongdoing - which elated Seattle attorney John Henry Browne (left) yesterday when Legal Times called: "Thank God we've got judges like Judge Sullivan, thank God we've got lawyers like Brendan Sullivan, thank God we've got attorneys general like Eric Holder, otherwise this would have never come to light," said Browne.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan dismissed charges against Stevens in April at the request of the Justice Department, and ordered up a criminal probe of Justice lawyers. Yesterday, partially as a result of that probe, Justice asked that two former Alaska state representatives, Victor Kohring and Peter Kott, be released from prison because the Department also failed to disclose information to the defense prior to their trials, too.

Browne, Kohring's attorney, said he got a heads up on developments yesterday from a U.S. official, and quickly credited the judge and attorneys for the turnabout in justice. "I'm just riding on their coattails," he said.

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