Watch Out, Jan: Donaldson Challenges Drago for Second in New Mayoral Poll

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A few weeks ago, James Donaldson's campaign consultant was dumpster-diving for office supplies. Today he finds himself climbing the polls in the mayoral race, right at the heels of Jan Drago. The SurveyUSA/KING-5 poll puts Greg Nickels in first with 24%, Drago second with 15%, James Donaldson third with 14%, Michael McGinn fourth with 8%, and Joe Mallahan fifth with 7%. The biggest shift since the last poll was Donaldson's move from 9% to 14%, though that is barely outside the margin of error.

Some interesting breakdowns--Drago's in the lead among Republicans and conservatives, Donaldson among independents and among the 35-49 age group (the group, incidentally, that grew up watching him in the NBA), and Nickels among Democrats and liberals. Also interesting--Drago's support goes up as voters' ages go up, while the inverse is true for McGinn.

The survey also asked about the shopping bag fee, and so far it looks like a toss-up. 47% for, 46% against with a 4.5% margin of error. Nickels voters love it, Donaldson voters hate it, and Drago voters aren't too hot on it either.

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