Mallahan's Overly Broad Support

Geographically that is.

Yesterday, Joe Mallahan's campaign announced that he raised $70,000 in May. He's only reported $45,000 so far to the Secretary of State's office, but based on that it looks like Mallahan should be running for an office that covers a little more territory than just the city.

So far, 125 individual donors have given to Mallahan's campaign. But only 40 percent of those donors are from Seattle. Mallahan spent time in D.C. and Chicago and there are a hefty number of contributors from such locales. His Washington state donations largely come from fellow employees at T-Mobile living in suburbs like Bellevue and Edmonds. Money is money, and based on his initial self-contribution of $200,000 Mallahan should be able to pay for a few radio spots without a lot of donors. What he needs is support from actual Seattle voters.

Nickels, who still leads the total money race, has raised almost $339,000 from 1,596 individual donors. Nickels has been collecting cash longer than Mallahan so the number of contributions isn't necessarily that significant. But what does jump out is that nearly 75 percent of Nickels donors are from Seattle. Mallahan doesn't need to just keep up in cash, he needs to garner support from the people that actually cast ballots for the office he seeks.

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