Rainier Beach's Next NBA Baller Is Like Nate Robinson's Mini-Me, Only With the Sizes Reversed

Rainier Beach High School has already provided the NBA with one eccentric, hyper, hyper-athletic fan favorite--Nate Robinson is among the league's most popular players. Today, the school's about to provide another.

Louisville's Terrence Williams is projected to be a top pick in this afternoon's NBA draft. But more than that, he's sure to be a fan favorite. Let's have a look:

Ridiculously athletic dunks: Check.

Danced the Stanky Legg, smuggled sparkling cider into the locker room to celebrate a big win: Check

Solid body art: Check

Occasional, absurdist bursts of ego: Check

Barbie backpack, SpongeBob and Big Bird Socks, customized t-shirts to honor coaches and teammates, throwback jerseys with photos of the player scotch-taped on: Check.

On top of all this, he's a fun player to watch--a great ball-handler, and, unlike Robinson, a great passer and defender. One problem: he can't really shoot. But never mind that. Let the Terrence Williams era begin!

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