Jon Brockman Headed for the Promised Land?

Husky fans may remember Jon Brockman (shown here dunking on the Cougars), last year's MVP and the men's team's all-time leading rebounder. It's been long debated whether he has the stuff to make the NBA, what with his crocodile arms and questionable ball skills. Well, it appears that Brockman may be the only player in the draft (besides Blake Griffin, whom the Clippers have declared they will take with the first pick) to get a guarantee from a team. Writes ESPN draft guru Chad Ford:

I don't believe anyone has a promise, with one possible exception. Washington's Jon Brockman hasn't worked out for anyone since pulling out of the NBA draft combine in Chicago. I don't know where the promise is or who made it, but someone locked Brockman up early and we haven't heard from him since. I doubt it's a first-round promise. More likely, someone in the second round guaranteed him a three-year deal slightly higher than the league minimum.

If true, kudos to Big Brock, though as Seely has long noted, the guy might have a future in the NFL if the NBA doesn't take him. (There's always Europe, too, of course. Or, if he gets hard-up, the Philippines.) On a related note, his former teammate Quincy Pondexter made the national team for the World University games. Finally, ESPN looked at the NBA productivity of every school's alumni to see who produces the best pro talent. Washington ranked 8th.

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