Jan Drago and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Boeing had a bad week. Jan Drago just had a really bad day. Let's revisit:

* We learned that she spent $43K of city money on travel since 2006--including multiple trips out of the country.

* In that vein, fellow Councilmember Richard McIver called her out for her absence from a committee meeting, saying "I wonder what Jan's doing. I have a feeling what she probably ought to be doing."

* Big news this morning: she's in a statistical dead heat with a novice politician whose lead consultant defected to her camp and whose current lead consultant was recently forced to dumpster dive for office equipment.

* Finally, to add a little insult to injury, she got a smackdown from Blethen the Younger's editorial board--seemingly a likely ally given her biz-friendly stances. They called her out for exaggerating her role in the tunnel.

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