Jake Locker Is Crazy

Imagine two career paths:

1) Join a profession that pays nothing up front, one in which you are regularly pounded by 250+ pound men who are trying to hurt you, one that may leave you hobbled for life. You'll spend about four years playing for free, while various older dudes in suits or baseball caps make millions off of the people who are attending pretty much just to see you.

2) Join another profession that pays a lot more, one in which you get a million or so dollars up front, one in which the steroid-addled behemoths try to hit little round objects, not little old you. A sport in which you spend your summers lazily standing in the sun, occasionally breaking into a sprint. A sport you can play until you're 40 and still be able to walk after.

Jake Locker chose path one--football. But, as Bob Condotta highlights today, Path 2 was--and is--still very open to him. Baseball America apparently had an article on Locker in its most recent issue, and it notes how he's still considered a top prospect, despite his lack of interest in the game. He played one summer in the West Coast College League and was named the league's best prospect. One scout called him a potential Hall of Famer.

Locker explains that football's his first love and he wants to give it his all. Which is totally understandable. But he's already broken an arm a thumb (thanks, Rob Watters) and been carted off the field in an ambulance after a scary neck injury. And Major League Baseball is ready to pay him now. I've never played football, and maybe I'm just thinking like an old man, but I think the dude's crazy.

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