It's Time to Settle I-872 Litigation: The Grange Party Debacle Pt. 4

Proponents of the implementation of I-872 are eerily quiet about by my Grange Party candidacy. They are still not telling us why it's OK to drag a private association unwittingly onto a public ballot.

It's time to settle the lawsuit currently in front of U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour.

The opposing sides of the suit should come together and work to put this confusing problem behind us.

I propose keeping what voters approved in 2004 - except we restore the associational component. In other words, let's keep an August primary where the Top-Two vote getters advance to the general election. The settlement will allow private associations, political parties included, the right to control who uses their name on the ballot.

It's simple. When a voter sees Republican or Democrat on the ballot, those candidates actually stand on behalf of those respective groups. And of course, there will be no situation like Grange Party because this group doesn't run candidates.

Again - it's simple!

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