It's Hard Out Here for a Global Software Giant

Microsoft's facing troubles all over the world. Let's review:

Europe: The EU has been on Microsoft's ass for the company's bundling of its web browser with its monopoly-holding operating system--today Microsoft said it would de-bundle them. Competitor Opera says that's not enough.

Russia: Ratcheting up the intensity, Russia announced its second investigation of Microsoft this week. The country's anti-trust office--which Vladimir Putin has promised will become more active--was already investigating Microsoft for potentially withholding Windows XP supply in Russia to drive up prices. Now you can add an investigation into laptop makers for bundling Windows with their products.

South Korea: Good news for Microsoft here, actually, as a court dismissed a suit by Microsoft competitors who wanted compensation over Microsoft's bundling of its instant messaging program and Windows media with the Windows operating system.

United States: Nothing regulatory, but a tough loss at home all the same. Apparently, Microsoft can be beaten--even in packaged software. Conceding defeat to Intuit's juggernaut Quicken, Microsoft will discontinue Microsoft Money. How did Intuit do it? Here's one look.

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