Imagine Having Tenure

Even this University employee eventually got fired
With the state unemployment rate expected to climb to nearly 10% by mid 2010 (pdf), many of us aren't feeling too secure in our jobs. Imagine being this guy. The Times today takes a look at the case of Western Washington University professor Perry Mills, who will have to undergo his second suspension hearing because a court said the first one doesn't count, as it wasn't open to the public (a requirement of state law).

WWU suspended Mills for, among other things, reportedly calling a female colleague a "slut" and telling her "that she had better keep her legs closed, because she could not be expected to teach students the same way she got her doctorate," insisting on calling a gay colleague "precious," calling another colleague "white trailer trash," telling a recovering cancer patient that she might as well have died if she didn't do her classwork, and calling an overweight student "a 400-pound canary who warbles nothingness." For the foregoing, he was suspended two quarters without pay. Imagine doing all that and keeping your job!

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