If Al Franken Can Be a U.S. Senator, How 'Bout J.P. Patches?

The NYT and everyone else is reporting the Minnesota Supreme Court decision finally granting former SNL funnyman Al Franken the critical 60th seat for Democrats in the U.S. Senate. There, he'll join our state delegation of Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, neither of whom is particularly witty or quotable.

But look: If a formerly dope-smoking, Harvard Lampoon-writing, Stuart Smalley-playing comic can get elected to our nation's highest legislative body, that opens the door for any number of local performers. J.P. Patches, for instance, still enjoys tremendous public goodwill. And John Keister, from the old local Almost Live program, is still around. As are his former colleagues Nancy Guppy, Pat Cashman, and Joel McHale (lately moved on to The Soup).

Or, what local entertainer or celeb would you like to see representing us in Washington, DC?

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