Hutchison Speaks

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After an odd disappearing act, Susan Hutchison, the former KIRO-TV anchor now running for King County Executive, gives her first extensive media interview to reporter Neil Modie. She doesn't elaborate much on her policy views or talk about her experience in the piece published today. Instead, she insists that can't she understand why she has been labeled a conservative. "Our polls showed that 10 percent of the people responding thought I was extremely liberal," she tells Modie--a rather puzzling argument since that leaves 90 percent who thought otherwise.

In any case, she stays away from any more musings on Richard Dawkins, perhaps because the English biologist and author told Seattle Weekly that she made up a couple anecdotes about him. But an anecdote she tells about labor leader David Freiboth doesn't quite check out. According to Hutchison, Freiboth declared that the two of them could work together. He tells Modie that what he really said was much more vague. Is this a pattern?

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