How Many Suicides Has the Aurora Bridge Prevented?

There's been ongoing debate about how to stop people from throwing themselves off the Aurora Bridge. Some have even argued for closing the bridge entirely to pedestrians and bicyclists. The state DOT recently came up with a less extreme plan, calling for high fencing along the railing. The Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board approved the proposal this week.

It's an open, and probably unanswerable, question whether the bridge actually leads to more suicides or whether suicidal people would just find other means if bridge access were somehow blocked. But having ridden my bike across the bridge several times recently, I have to ask the opposite question: How many despondent or dispirited people have had their love of life restored by that gorgeous bridge and the fantastic, unduplicated views you can stand and enjoy there, when arriving on your own power, by foot and by bike?


image by David Stoesz

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