Et Tu, Forbes? Mag Says Seattle's a Bad Place to Buy a House

Last week, AutoVantage told us we're not such courteous drivers. This week, Forbes kicks us while we're down, telling us we're not such a good place for real estate investment. The magazine ranks us the 23rd best market--out of the nation's 25 largest--to buy a house. Apparently, we're a bad place to buy because people aren't buying here. Thus, we're sandwiched between the booming economies of Cleveland (24) and Detroit (22).

Don't they know about South Lake Union? Don't they remember when they ranked us one of the best cities for recession recovery? Also, BusinessWeek just said our housing market is poised for an awesome recovery, though, like Forbes, those downers at Seattle Bubble beg to differ. One question: If we continue to rank down with Cleveland and Detroit, will people start calling us "gritty"?

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