Drago and Nickels Shut Out of 37th Dems Endorsements

Like the Alki Foundation, the 37th District Democrats (i.e. East of I-5 Dems from the Central District to Rainier Beach) were pretty indecisive yesterday, handing out lots of dual endorsements to opponents. Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine got dually endorsed, as did Municipal Idol contestants David Miller and Mike O'Brien. Same for Richard Conlin and David Ginsberg. But in the mayoral race, the dual endorsement left out the two big favorites; the fightin' 37th gave its seal of approval to Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn. The vote breakdown of the first ballot, according to the McGinn campaign's Twitter feed (quoting McGinn's personal Twitter feed) put Nickels and Drago dead last: McGinn 16, Mallahan 15, Donaldson 11, Nickels 9, Drago 7. Not sure where Norman Sigler and the newly arrived Kwame Garrett and Elizabeth Campbell clocked in, if at all. (Update: None of those three received a nomination, tweets Mica4Life.)

The 37th District Dems clearly lean to the left of Nickels' and Drago, but the duo's poor showing (albeit in a small sample size) might also show what happens when you combine the electorate's reported dissatisfaction with the status quo with some name recognition for the lesser-known challengers. The full list of the 37th District Democrats endorsements can be found at Central District News.

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