Dow Gets Cold Shoulder from Seattle Biz

The Alki Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce and a pretty good gauge for what Seattle's corporate types want from their leadership. The Foundation holds an annual breakfast forum for candidates but doesn't officially do endorsements, it's called recommendations here. But to avoid splitting hairs over verbiage, assume it's the same thing as an endorsement. And here (courtesy of Joel Connelly at the PI) is who they'd like to see rise to the top of the pack in the August primary.

For Mayor, unsurprisingly, Jan Drago and Greg Nickels, who both pushed so hard for the tunnel viaduct replacement option, something for which the chamber also lobbied.

Their picks for King County Executive are a little less intuitive: Larry Phillips and Fred Jarrett. Jarrett's been on a bit of a roll, picking up an endorsement from former Seattle mayor Charles Royer. Jarrett's East Side competition, Ross Hunter, actually comes from a business background, and seems like the more natural choice, but he hasn't been wowing people at forums lately. Maybe Dow lost cred with the suits since he's all in with the rock stars.

Among the Muni Idol contestants: Incumbent Richard Conlin got the nod for Position 2, Sally Bagshaw for Position 4. Anyone-but-Licata, aka challengers Jessie Israel and Marty Kaplan, are recommended for Position 6. And Jordan Royer (son of the above) and Robert Rosencrantz were given the thumbs up for Position 8.

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