Donaldson Launches Mayoral Cam-Pun

While his participation in the race to dethrone Mayor Nickels has been common knowledge for some time now, ex-Sonic James Donaldson won't formally declare his candidacy until a June 4 event outside -- where else? -- KeyArena.

With the filing deadline swift on the horizon, events like this are de rigueur for candidates of all stripes. But what makes Donaldson's somewhat noteworthy is the press release announcing it, which can be found after the jump/below. Here, his new campaign manager, Cindi Laws, proclaims that the 7'2" Donaldson "stands head and shoulders above the field of mayoral contenders." Taken literally, there's simply no arguing that statement, now is there?

Seattle mayoral candidate James Donaldson will hold a press conference on Thursday, June 4th at 3:00 pm at the West Plaza of Key Arena to celebrate the filing of his "Declaration of Candidacy" for Seattle Mayor. The plaza is located at the intersection of 1st Ave North and North Harrison Street, on the western edge of Seattle Center. Media outlets are invited to conduct one-on-one interviews.

Donaldson will file his declaration papers at the King County Elections office Thursday morning. Donaldson stands head and shoulders above the field of mayoral contenders. Donaldson will share his platform, one that is sensitive to small business, better delivers on core government basic services and is strong on common sense. "The reality is that we need a completely new direction, a new voice, and a new approach," said Donaldson. "I offer a new Seattle, a strong Seattle, and a teamwork approach. In Seattle, it takes a big guy to look out for the little guy."

16-year City Councilmember and mayoral contestant Jan Drago released a portion of poll showing a 20-point lead over incumbent mayor Greg Nickels in a head-to-head match. However, the poll, conducted by Allison Peters, also showed that in the field of Primary contenders, James Donaldson polled second. "We need new blood in this city, new political leaders," said Donaldson. "It is time for Seattle to stand tall and join a new team. Polls show voters will consider someone from outside government bureaucracy."

Donaldson is building a new team and has an aggressive fundraising and public appearance schedule. He joins a long list of former professional athletes who have successfully made the transition from sports to politics, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Oklahoma Congressman Steve Largent, and others.

James Donaldson settled in Seattle 30 years ago, after being drafted by the Seattle Sonics and graduating from Washington State University. A small businessman, Donaldson set up physical therapy and wellness clinics throughout Puget Sound, and has served as an inspirational speaker, and a business and youth mentor.

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