Clooney-Endorsed Electric Hot Rod Spotted in LQA

One of my favorite tags on is Down on the Street, wherein oddball and exotic cars are documented at the curb. In that spirit, I had to snap a photo of this eco-speedster parked in front of my home (try to ignore the Legacy Roofing dumpsters). It's the electric-powered Tesla Roadster, which goes 0 to 60 mph in about four seconds, with a top speed of 125 mph. The range for this plug-in vehicle is about 220 miles. Price for the two-seater? About $109,000 for all that virtue, plus considerable sex appeal. At first glance, it strongly resembles a low-slung Lotus Elise, since the latter supplies some of the design and underlying mechanical platform (but not the same gasoline power, of course). An Elise costs about half the price. But consider the eco-halo you get from driving a Tesla: It's about 100 times sexier than a Prius. Plus an early buyer was none other than George Clooney. And if that doesn't help you pick up chicks in the PCC parking lot--well, there's no hope for you at all. (At least you're saving the planet in solitary style.) But I'm guessing the owner of this sweet ride had better luck at the nearby Sitting Room or Peso's.

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