Every Strip Club Deserves a Ball Park

A King County Superior Court judge today approved the siting of another new Roger Forbes Deja Vu chain strip club across from Safeco Field, the Times reports, upholding a city zoning permit that was challenged by the Mariners and the stadium commission. As SW reported in March, the Mariners considered their potential new Deja Vu neighbors a threat to their sport and their child customers, even though, unlike Safeco, no booze would be served at the nudie dance club and the skin game would be played behind closed doors. The case also put City Hall in an awkward legal position. After years of rejecting new strip clubs, the city was compelled to approve the Forbes club and then had to join in his battle against the Mariners to uphold city zoning statutes. With the city at Forbes' table and the state stadium commission at the M's table, the case pitted taxpayers against taxpayers, who picked up a good part of the legal tab.

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