46th District Dems Would Rather Endorse No One Than Co-Endorse Nickels

The endorsement train continued North last night, visiting the 46th District Democrats, whose turf spans from the rolling hills of Laurelhurst past the sparkling waters of Bitter Lake all the way to the city limits at 145th. They were just as indecisive as their predecessors (the 37th and 43rd have already endorsed), handing a couple of dual endorsements and one very notable no-endorsement.

The night's biggest story is that the group refused to hand out a dual endorsement to Joe Mallahan and Greg Nickels because enough members didn't want Nickels getting any kind of endorsement. In the first ballot, Mallahan (46) led all vote getters, followed by Nickels (31), McGinn (26), Drago (17), and Sigler (8). In the final ballot, Mallahan got 76 votes to Nickels' 39--but there were 9 no-endorsement votes. Had those not been there, explains 46th Dems Vice Chair Shanna Sawatzki, Mallahan would have enough votes for an endorsement all his own. [Update: Sawatzki says in the comments (see below) that Mallahan still would have been short even had the no-endorsement votes not driven up the number he need.)

Instead, the group had to vote on a co-endorsement. All sorts of parliamentary maneuvering ensued, with members trying to figure out different ways to propose a final endorsement ballot. Says Sawatzki, "I think people had the sense that, if it had been McGinn and Mallahan, people would've voted for the dual endorsement. So people trying to figure out different ways to do it."

No dice in the end, though, so Mallahan will have to boast of his surprisingly strong showing as the top vote-getter, rather than the endorsee. It's the first District Dems meeting at which Mike McGinn has not been the top vote getter, and the third consecutive top-two showing for Mallahan.

Also of note, Council Candidate David Miller missed out on a lone endorsement by one vote. Hence, he shares the endorsement with Bobby Forch, whom he beat 67-34. And the bag tax passed handily.

Finally, an oddity in the King County Exec race--Dow Constantine beat Larry Phillips in the first ballot, and Phillips beat Constantine in the second. (They received a dual endorsement.) Looking at the numbers, it seems some voters must have switched, though Sawatzki says that in all the drama and chaos, the room had grown hot, and people were milling about and leaving early. So Phillips may have benefited from a rapidly changing electorate.

The endorsements:

* Seattle Mayor: No endorsement made in this race

* Seattle City Council Position 4: David Bloom

* Seattle City Council Position 6: Nick Licata

* Seattle City Council Position 8: Dual Endorsement for David Miller and Bobby Forch

* King County Executive: Dual endorsement for Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine

* Port of Seattle Position 3: Rob Holland

* Port of Seattle Position 4: Max Vekich

* Court of Appeals, Div 1, Dist 1, Seat 3: Anne Ellington

* Seattle Green Bag Fee: Endorsed/Approved

Full results here (pdf).

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