Drug Case Mishap Highlights Your Tax Dollars at Work

Renton resident Mark Singleton sold a fake rock of crack to an undercover cop for $20--and almost did five years in prison for it. The sentence could've even gone as high as ten.

But Singleton was supposed to do only a year or less. Not because the punishment for selling a fake rock of crack is less than a year, but because the punishment for attempting to sell one is. The P-I has the story.

It's hard to read it and not think of Nina Shapiro's article at the beginning of the legislative session on how the state's budget problems had the potential to drive big changes in drug policy. Those big changes never happened, of course. While educators and social service providers duke it out over a shrinking pot, we're spending about $27,000 a year to lock up people for selling little rocks--and paying cops to catch them doing it

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