Governor Signs Order to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Transit Sponsor Rips Her for Transit Veto

Simpson isn't afraid to dis the Gov, nor to rock the Jeff Renner look
Since cap-and-trade died in the legislature, Christine Gregoire took matters into her own hands and signed an executive order today aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The order calls for the state Department of Ecology to work with industry to reduce pollution--TransAtlanta's coal-fired plant in Centralia will be required to cut its emissions in half by 2025--and orders counties to try to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and expand transit. The Sierra Club's Doug Howell called the order "huge."

Nevertheless, as you may recall, the Governor recently vetoed a provision in a Senate bill that would have allowed transit authorities to put car tab increases to a public vote; she argued that that authority already existed, albeit via an onerous process in which the vote would have to go through the scores of municipal governments that reside in King County.

Today, the Tacoma News Tribune published a bunch of excerpts from an e-mail sent by the bill's primary sponsor, Geoff Simpson (D, Covington), whose deadpan demeanor in committee meetings is reminiscent of Seinfeld's David Puddy. Simpson called the existing fundraising framework "useless", noted the irony of the Governor signing an executive order to reduce vehicle miles while vetoing a provision that could expand transit, and then--echoing Bellevue Rep. Deb Eddy, who was more diplomatic--got down to some old-fashioned, she's-out-of-touch accusations:

Gregoire is such a major disappointment. While she is chauffered around in her black limo and on her private airplane, people who can't afford a car will be struggling to find a ride on a bus. No problem for her though. Sad.

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