SIFF Planning for SIFF 2010 Already

This job is terrible. It really runs you ragged. I'm talking about the position held by SIFF's artistic director, Carl Spence. He confessed to me earlier today that he was leaving town for a week prior to the Seattle International Film Festival (which begins May 21) to fly to the Cannes Film Festival. "I'm already working on next year," he said--meaning that he's scouting titles for SIFF '10. What a salt mine! All the champagne he has to drink, all the sexy starlets and stars he has to air-kiss, the popping flashbulbs and endless red carpet trudging--I don't know how he does it.

"Will you be there at the same time as Lynn Shelton?" I asked, since the Seattle director of Humpday will be screening her film at Cannes before SIFF. Yes, said Spence, adding that he'd be sharing all his insider Cannes knowledge with her. Like where to get the best champagne, no doubt. (Related: Shelton has a cute little tribute to Woody Allen's Stardust Memories in this past Sunday's New York Times summer movie preview.)

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