"Regular" Joe Mallahan Isn't Familiar With Stadium Tax, Is Concerned With Basic Services

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In the second of a series of interviews with mayoral candidates, The P-I's Chris Grygiel interviews former T-Mobile exec Joe Mallahan, who recently donated $200,000 to his own campaign. Much like Mike McGinn focused on the tunnel and transportation issues, Mallahan continually said that he's a "Regular Joe" with business experience who is focused on basic services. In fact, Mallahan says that, if elected,

The very first thing I would focus on is that when a snowstorm happens, arterials -- where emergency vehicles have to get down to -- are the first thing we're going to plow, and not the mayor's street.

That the mayor's street was cleared before arterials is news to me may be true (it's not entirely clear which streets were cleared, but it sure is fishy), but either way, there's a decent chance that Mallahan's tenure, however long, won't include a real snowstorm.

Mallahan's answers were generally short on specifics; for example, though youth violence was his #2 priority (over snowstorms), he (like McGinn) wasn't ready to offer specifics on it. And in talking about the Sonics situation, he said, "I'm not familiar with the stadium tax, to be honest with you."

Perhaps this lack of specifics is understandable in light of how recently he entered the race, but he can't keep it up for long, especially when he's skipping out on candidate forums.

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