Norman Sigler...Come on Down!

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He did a turn with our Mike Seely, and today Mayoral hopeful Norman Sigler faced the P-I, the latest in their series of candidate interviews. Sigler generally acquitted himself well, coming across as knowledgeable on city issues (though he seemed to think the bag tax applies to only plastic bags) and not afraid to take a stand. (Opposed the tunnel, but would let it go forward; supports a tax for Key Arena; opposes the bag tax, etc.). He also floated the intriguing idea of partnering with other cities to increase the city's purchasing/negotiating power for health care plans.

Sigler doesn't have much money, but he does have ideas. It's too bad he and Joe Mallahan can't team up; the latter has lots of cash, but wasn't as ready with specifics in his turn with the P-I (though he certainly has his focus on services down, and he made some strong arguments on cleaning up Puget Sound.) Either way, it's nice to see some challengers flirting with viability. Let the race begin!

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