Meet Super-Fringe Mayoral Candidate Dorli Rainey

We've lamented the total sausage fest that is the mayoral race, but it turns out that if Jan Drago does announce her intention to run against Nickels this weekend, she won't be the first dame to the dance. Last week, the grandmotherly Dorli Rainey announced her candidacy for Mayor.

Rainey, 82, is the adorable lefty grandmother I always wanted. She came to the states from Austria in 1956 and made her living as a realtor. But she also got involved as an activist for light rail, an Equal Rights Amendment (for women, a civil rights fight that rings eerily similar to the one being staged now for gays and lesbians), schools and homelessness issues, most recently working with the Tent City communities. She's running, she says in an interview, because when it comes to things like Nickelsville, instead of supporting the project, "The police get sent out. We're spending money to defeat the only temporary solution we have for homelessness."

During the late nineties, Rainey taught a class at the Federal Way campus of Highline Community College titled "Current Issues-What the Media Don't tell You". (It's true, we totally know where Hoffa is buried and how they faked the moon landing in a Hollywood sound stage.) So yes, she comes from far left field, but she's adorable and mentioned only briefly as the "also running" in stories covering the mayor's race (or not at all as in our case). Assuming she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell at becoming city CEO, I say we nominate her for city Grandma in Chief.

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