Microsoft Kindly Insists That Windows 7 Users Surf on Internet Explorer

Doogie Browser!
Instead of trying to keep up with the Jobses with products like Zune, Microsoft is back to what it does best--taking advantage of its operating system's ubiquity. Mozilla and Opera are complaining that the Redmond software giant has made Internet Explorer the default browser on its Windows 7 "Release Candidate", the trial release of the new operating system. To maintain your current default browser, you need to choose a custom install--something very few people do. Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell Duncan says it "suggests...a blatant use of the Windows operating system to change the market dynamics of browser usage."

Says Mashable:

When the final version of Windows 7 arrives, this will probably all be forgotten. But it won't look good on June 3 in Brussels, when the European Union will decide whether Microsoft's practices are hurting alternative browsers, and whether it should be forced to distribute browsers other than Internet Explorer with Windows.

Maybe, but this is what Microsoft was doing in the glory years. Perhaps it's time the 800-pound gorilla pounded its chest a little.

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